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Color Theory for Coders
from Natalya Shelburne

So you write code, but design intrigues you and you’d like to delve deeper. Where to start? The sheer number of tools and tutorials is overwhelming. Later this week, I’ll be publishing an article with my recommendations for how to get started, but while you’re waiting, check out Natalya Shelburne’s Practical Color Theory for People Who Code.

Color Theory Demo »

Sass Color Functions

Natalya is a fine artist, speaker, and front-end developer. Her Sass color functions make it easy to create beautiful color palettes. Start with any HSL color – for example, your client’s primary brand color. Use Natalya’s color functions to find a complimentary color. Mix and lighten your primary and secondary colors to create neutral colors. Darken and lighten these colors even further to create black and white. Voila! You’re designing with color.

In the physical world, colors that appear next to one another experience similar lighting conditions: the bright light of morning or the dim yellow glow of a desk lamp. Using Natalya’s color functions, you can mix your primary and secondary colors to establish the same type of color relationship on the web. Check out Natalya’s demo for detailed instructions. If you’re that person who’s always asking why, she’s even provided a special toggle for you!

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Sondra Eby is a brand and interface designer, user-tester, author, and musician.

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