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Technology is only useful when it solves real problems for real people. As your partner, we’ll help find those opportunities – providing web application design and development, with a human focus from start to finish.

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OddBird really changed my thinking about how successful outsourcing software development can be.

—Sara Taillon, Chief Technical Officer at ORCAS








Quarq Race Intelligence

Small Team, Large Expertise

Partnering with funded startups and enterprise companies

OddBird is a small team, made up of industry leaders across a range of design and code expertise, and working together for years with a tight-knit, agile, and collaborative process. We’re able to give every project complete focus, putting the needs of your company and users first, while integrating design and development from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for staff-augmentation, or a custom application, we provide big agency skill, with the attention, communication, and agility of an internal team.

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“A mobile-friendly design that will let users see the live tracking and performance data, even on the go, making it easy to connect up with others while out on a ride.”


Miriam Suzanne, creator


Carl Meyer, core developer


Miriam Suzanne, creator


David Glick, core developer

Open Source Leadership

Experts in Code Architecture & Tooling

Founded by a Django core developer and the creator of Susy responsive-layout framework, open-source software has always been central to the OddBird vision. Whether we’re building tools for developers like ourselves, or third-party consumers, we keep the needs of real people at the center of everything we do.

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I like the idea of grids-on-demand, rather than a strict framework.

Book: Jump Start Sass


Sass bridges the gap between what CSS can offer and what we as web developers need in our daily routine. Using Sass, you can write your stylesheets in a more concise, dynamic, and readable way, and cut down many of the tedious repetitive tasks that come with writing vanilla CSS. Most importantly, Sass makes it easier to create web applications, takes some monotony and overhead out of writing CSS, and will save you time.

This book, written by Miriam Suzanne and Hugo Giraudel and published by SitePoint, provides a comprehensive introduction to Sass for beginners.

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Miriam and Hugo have become some of the most notable creators of Sass plugins and best practices.

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OddBird is a full-stack design and development agency, partnering with funded startups and enterprise companies to create custom Django web applications. No matter your size, we’re ready to help take your project from concept to launch. Reach out any time: inquire about our services, set up a free consultation, invite us to speak at your company or event, or just say hello. Miriam Suzanne will get back to you soon.

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