Custom web tools for humans

OddBird thrives on freely shared ideas & playful collaboration, crossing disciplines, breaking boundaries, and eating our dessert with the soup spoon.

Odd Projects

From working on open-source tools like Django, Susy, True, and Sass Accoutrement, to building web applications for Mozilla, Providence Plan, Junyo, or ORCAS — and our own experiments in digital storytelling — we love molding ideas into experiences that people use.

Odd Process

  1. We use a lean process to deploy & integrate new functionality frequently, aiming to deliver usable product launches as early and often as possible.
  2. We encourage clients to stay closely connected with the daily progress, offering frequent feedback and re-prioritization via Pivotal Tracker.
  3. We use the accessible open web stack: semantic HTML5, unobtrusive Javascript, and advanced CSS — backed by Python & Django on the server.

Odd Services

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