Custom web tools for humans

We love chasing ideas into existence. We could do that all night long, and sometimes we do.

We created Susy for web designers like ourselves, and we are core contributors to Compass, Django, pip, virtualenv and other open-source projects.

Recent work includes MozTrap for Mozilla, Portfoliyo for teachers, students, & parents, an ed-tech project with Junyo, and Into the Green Green Mud, a digital novel.

OddBird is three brothers who thrive on freely shared ideas & playful collaboration, crossing disciplines, breaking boundaries, and eating our dessert with the soup spoon.

Carl is a coder, Pythonista, and Django core developer. When he’s not chasing a more elegant algorithm, he chases frisbees, hockey pucks, and a six-year-old son.

Eric is a multimedia artist mixing words, images, music, code, and performance. He’s a sucker for new projects, puzzles, and postprandial perambulations.

Jonny is a front-end developer, ultimate frisbee D-line cutter, and occasional college philosophy professor. He likes complicated board games, homebrewed IPAs, and hucking it deep.

We use a lean process to deploy & integrate new functionality frequently, aiming to deliver usable product launches as early and often as possible.

We encourage clients to stay closely connected with the daily progress, offering frequent feedback and re-prioritization via Pivotal Tracker.

We work with the accessible open web stack: semantic HTML5 markup, unobtrusive Javascript, and advanced CSS3 styling. On the server side we use Python, and have extensive Django experience.