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Integrated Health Coaching

CoachHub, a responsive coaching web-platform we built with ORCAS, integrates with their suite of self-management tools to provide users with anywhere, anytime access to varying levels of support – video chat, in-app messaging, public Q&A, webinars, and support groups. Users browse coaches, send messages, request appointments, post questions, and grant permissions for coaches to view their progress. Coaches create a profile, manage daily tasks, make appointments, post answers to questions, view user progress, and set alerts for relapse prevention and escalation of care.

The product is currently being used by the US Military and Coast Guard for internal health coaching.

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OddBird really changed my thinking about how successful outsourcing software development can be.

Ditributed Quality Assurance Tools

Mozilla's next-generation test case management system, MozTrap manages extensive test suites for all of Mozilla's software products (including Firefox, Thunderbird, Firefox OS, and others), and allows community testers from around the world to run tests on their system and report results back to Mozilla, which MozTrap aggregates into reports for product managers. MozTrap also includes a RESTful JSON API to allow automated tools to run tests and report results.

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I consider MozTrap to be one of the best open source test case management systems out there.

Frank O’Hara, Software Developer

Real-Time Telemetry for Athletes

QuarqNet allows athletes to track and analyze their activities, sharing their location and statistics with friends, family, coaches, and colleagues in real time. QuarqNet also integrates with Quarq’s telemetry and reporting hardware, and third-party services like Strava, Training Peaks, Dropbox, and Today’s Plan.

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“A mobile-friendly design that will let users see the live tracking and performance data, even on the go, making it easy to connect up with others while out on a ride.”

“QuarqNet captures the data and seamlessly synchronizes activities with analysis sites like Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Today’s Plan. Athletes get unaltered, high-definition data and training log perfection.”

Mike, Chief Editor at AeroGeeks

Real-Time Race Analytics

Quarq Race Intelligence captures and interprets race performance and state-of-play information, and delivers that data in real time to spectators, commentators, race officials, third-party analysis software and visualization tools. Integrating with Quarq’s telemetry and reporting hardware, the app shows racers’ positions, direction, speed, heart-rate, and a number of other statistics in real time. Our mobile-optimized web interface has been used for bicycle races, triathlons, and non-competitive events, including regular IronMan and Enduro races.

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Just like the Quarq power meters changed the playing field for power measurement, this new technology is going to change the way people watch races.

Seguimiento GPS de atletas en IronMan Kona gracias a Quarq Race Intelligence.

Eduardo Mateos, QRI user

The OddBird Process is...

  1. Lean & Agile

    We use a lean and agile process to deploy & integrate new functionality frequently, aiming to deliver usable product launches as early and often as possible.

  2. Transparent & Interactive

    We encourage clients to stay closely connected with the daily progress, offering frequent feedback and re-prioritization via Pivotal Tracker.

  3. Accessible & Responsive

    We use the accessible open web stack: semantic HTML5, unobtrusive JavaScript, and advanced CSS – backed by Python & Django on the server.

We have partnered with

  • Educators
  • HIPAA-compliant wellness providers
  • Non-profits and community organizations
  • Professional gear manufacturers
  • E-commerce startups
  • Software companies
  • Urban planners
  • Data analysts
  • Theaters, writers, and other artists

We provide

  • Custom web software design and development
  • Web best practice, code architecture, and team process development
  • Marketing and crowdfunding consultation
  • Content strategy and information architecture
  • User testing and continuous integration
  • Responsive design and development
  • User experience and interface design
  • Automated, living style guides
  • Brand design and documentation

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