Susy Support

Brand Style Guide

How to talk about Susy…

So you're working on an article, book, video, tutorial, podcast, or presentation about Susy? That's great! Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Susy” (Soo•zee) is pronounced like the common name (often spelled “Suzy”). It’s not an acronym, so there’s no reason to use all-caps.
  • The name may be feminine, but software has no sex. Please refrain from overly-gendered personifications (in text or images). In English, you can use a neutral pronoun (it) — in other languages you can use your judgement.
  • We love being part of a broad and diverse Sass community, and we care deeply about the Community Guidelines. Take a minute to read through them!

Logo & Brand

  • Please don’t stretch or distort the logo. Obvs.
  • Susy is an OddBird project, using the OddBird brand colors. The logo should always use our brand pink, or a grayscale variation (black, white, or anything between).

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