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Modular theme-configuration libraries

A set of related theme-configuration libraries for building and documenting style patterns directly in your Sass code, as part of the development process. Currently includes modules for managing browser normalization, color palettes, webfonts and typography, modular scales, and responsive layouts.

Color Module

Manage your color palettes in one place, and access them from anywhere with optional accessibility guidance from the WCAG.

Init Module

Lightweight, un-opinionated browser-normalization. This is the only Accoutrement library with direct CSS output when imported.

Layout Module

Layout tools to help you manage media-queries, positioning, fluid aspect-ratios, box-sizing, and float-clearing.

Scale Module

Manage a palette of consistent sizes to use across your project for typography, spacing, layout, and more. Create sizes based on modular-scales or other calculations, and access sizes in any unit you need.

Type Module

Manage your font palettes in one place, import them all with a single command, and access font-stacks on-the-fly, with helpers for generated content and accessibility.

Bonus Features

Both accoutrement-color and accoutrement-scale provide extra features when combined with the MathSass library.

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