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We love being part of a vibrant web design and development community. We benefit daily from the generous contributions of others, and believe that a diverse network of shared experiences and ideas makes all of our work stronger. In addition to our open source software and public speaking, we are proud to sponsor organizations that increase diversity in the community – from race and gender, to identity and sexuality – and events that bring the whole community together in thoughtful and inclusive ways. And then, on occasion, we also sponsor the communities and events that keep us entertained and fulfilled outside of work.

Sponsoring & Donations

OddBird is commited to supporting the communities that make our work possible, and encouraging diversity in the tech industry. Contact us about conference sponsorship and donation opportunities.



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OddBird is a full-stack design and development agency, partnering with funded startups and enterprise companies to create custom Django web applications. No matter your size, we’re ready to help take your project from concept to launch. Reach out any time: inquire about our services, set up a free consultation, invite us to speak at your company or event, or just say hello. Miriam Suzanne will get back to you soon.

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