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You’ll get to know our small, tightly-knit team on a first-name basis — with direct access to everyone involved. We’ll all learn what makes your company special, and discuss features as a team, so we can work together with a shared understanding of the project and goals.

Feel free to start a conversation with one of us through the social networks listed, in our public Slack chat, or in person at a meetup or conference.

Miriam Suzanne

mirisuzanne lanyrd stackoverflow @mirisuzanne codepen miriamsuzanne

Miriam leads the creative process, working with clients and users to organize priorities, and find solutions to their unique problems. She is a pioneer of modern CSS techniques and open-source Sass tools — including the popular Susy responsive-grid toolkit, and True unit-testing library. She is the co-author of SitePoint’s Jump Start Sass, a well-known speaker at front-end conferences, and a multi-media artist with extensive experience in theatre, writing, music, and visual art.



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Jonny Gerig Meyer

@jgerigmeyer jgerigmeyer

Jonny leads the front-end development process, turning your ideas into functional interactions. He has been writing clean, well-tested JavaScript web applications for over eight years. An active member in the JavaScript community, Jonny has authored or contributed to numerous open-source projects. He's easily distracted by a game of ultimate frisbee, homebrewing delicious IPAs and stouts, and trying to keep up with his two young kids.


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Carl Meyer

@carljm carljm lanyrd stackoverflow

Carl is an active owner and developer-emeritus, providing oversight and counsel to the development team. He is a core developer of the Django Python web framework, an elected member of the inaugural Django technical board, ex-maintainer of the widely-used pip and virtualenv package management tools, co-author of multiple accepted enhancements to the Python language and ecosystem, and a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation. He is also a regular speaker at the annual Python and Django community conferences. When not chasing a more elegant algorithm, he chases frisbees, hockey pucks, and a pair of sons.


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Sondra Eby

@sondraeby sondrae sondraeby

Sondra spearheads the design process through user testing, brand development, and interface design. She has been creating custom brands and integrated web graphics for over eleven years. She has lead the marketing teams for a variety of small businesses, and acted as co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of a personal care products manufacturing startup where she coordinated multiple crowdfunding campaigns that reached over 200% of their goal. Sondra is also a multi-media artist, author, and musician — bringing a unique perspective to audience engagement and interaction.

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Stacy Kvernmo

@stacykvernmo stacyk lanyrd codepen

With over 14 years of experience, Stacy takes the lead on interface development, architecting accessible and maintainable HTML, CSS, and Sass. Balancing a love of design and code, she enjoys experimenting with new design processes and tools as well as new web technologies like CSS Grid Layout. Stacy is enthusiastic about teaching and speaking at design and front-end development conferences. She is a co-host of the WordPress Naperville meetup group and is a superfan of far too many podcasts.

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David Glick

@davisagli davisagli lanyrd stackoverflow

David co-leads our server-side development, managing code architecture, database design, and deployment. He has been building web-based software in Python and JavaScript for over a decade. He has been a prolific contributor to the Plone web content management system, and enjoys learning new tools–most recently React, elasticsearch, and the Pyramid web framework. When he's not coding, David can be found experimenting in the kitchen or singing in the Seattle Bach Choir.


Kit La Touche

@wlonk wlonk

Kit co-leads our server-side development, managing code architecture, database design, and deployment. He is a web developer, computational linguist, Linux system administrator, and game designer. He’s been active in Python & Django web development since 2007, and also acts as a process consultant for businesses — helping teams find the flow of communication that works best for them.


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Sam Meyer-Reed


Sam is studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. He loves to learn new things and eagerly contributes to any part of the design process. Sam has over three years of experience programming in as many languages as he can get his hands on. Aside from talking to computers, he also enjoys stimulating conversation with humans, coaxing music out of his guitar, and looking up.

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