SitePoint: Live Q&A with Miriam

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I did a live Q&A at SitePoint back in August. We talked about customizing Susy for your needs, why you might not need a grid system, other tools I’m working on, and how to select or build your own toolkits.

It was a wild two-hours of typing as fast as I could, and hoping to sound intelligent. Thanks for asking the questions!

“To be clear: now that we have border-box sizing, grid math can be much simpler. Complex math is only required if you are using margin-based gutters. Move your gutters into padding, and the math is simple. That’s why I don’t use Susy (or any grid system) much any more. percentage(1/5) works great in Sass - and flexbox takes care of the rest.”

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You can also check out the summary — but it leaves out some good bits.

Miriam Suzanne a process manager, user-experience designer, and front-end architect, and co-founder of OddBird. She is the creator of Susy, and co-author of SitePoint’s Jump Start Sass.

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