Herman 3.0.2

Contributing to Herman

Thanks for contributing to Herman development!

Feature requests and bug reports can be filed on GitHub:

  • Write a title that summarizes the specific problem or feature request
  • Introduce the problem with steps to reproduce
  • Help reduce the problem to the smallest code sample possible, and provide the relevant code

If you are contributing code with new features or bug-fixes:

  • Fork the project, and create a branch for your contribution
  • Follow the development guide below to get Herman running locally
  • Write tests and documentation as necessary, and make sure all tests are passing
  • Open a pull request on GitHub

We love having more people involved in the project, and everyone is welcome. As maintainers, we review all the code, and may provide feedback before accepting a PR. We’re happy to work with you to make this the best (and friendliest) project we can.


To install the necessary Node dependencies, run yarn.

Development on this project requires gulp v4. If you do not have gulp-cli installed globally – or if you have an outdated version (<2.0.0) installed – first run npm install -g gulp-cli.

You can lint the project’s JS with gulp eslint and run the JS unit tests with gulp jstest. You can lint Sass with gulp sasslint and run the Sass tests with gulp sasstest.

To compile and minify the static assets – as well as generate the documentation – run gulp webpack.

Just running gulp will perform all of the above tasks.

You can start up a local development server with gulp serve. This will also watch for changes to local files and automatically perform an appropriate selection of the above tasks whenever changes are detected to relevant files.

Access the running server at http://localhost:3000.

Refer to the gulpfile.js source and gulp documentation for more info.

Code of Conduct

As a company, we want to embrace the very differences that have made our collaborations successful, and work together to provide the best environment for learning, growing, working, and sharing ideas. It is imperative that OddBird continue to be a welcoming, challenging, fun, and fair place to contribute.

See our Code of Conduct for details. We also recommend following the Sass community guidelines.