@function susy-version()


Returns the current version of Susy as a string in the common major.minor.patch format – or returns one part (major | minor | patch) as a number for version comparisons. Since version numbers aren't actual decimals, there is no simple way to return the full version as a comparable number in Sass.


$part: null ('major' | 'minor' | 'patch')

The part (major | minor | patch) to return as a number. Any other value will return the full version as a string.


scss Current Susy Version
/* Full Version: #{susy-version()} */
/* Major Release: #{susy-version('major')} */
css compiled
/* Full Version: 3.0.1 */
/* Major Release: 3 */


$_susy-version [private]

Release Notes for Susy v3.0.0 (and 3.0.1)

  • BREAKING: No More Mixins! span, container, gutters, last, gallery, etc. have all been removed from Susy. Web layout has become too powerful & flexible to contain in a simple set of shortcuts.
  • BREAKING: Remove rubygems/bower, to distribute on npm only.
  • BREAKING: Trim down to the core math, and a thin layer of api functions:
    • susy-span() (aliased as span) to return a column-spanning width.
    • susy-gutter() (aliased as gutter) to return a gutter width.
    • susy-slice() (aliased as slice) to return a slice of asymmetrical grid.
  • BREAKING: Simplify to four settings:
    • columns to define the grid columns as a list of lengths or unitless relative numbers.
    • gutters to define the length or relative size of a gutter.
    • spread to define the default spread of a span across adjacent gutters.
    • container-spread to define the default spread of a container across side-edge gutters.
  • BREAKING: Add support for calc() output, so mixed-unit grids are possible. This means the old inside-static solution has been replaced by calc() output as well.
  • BREAKING: Shorthand syntax for on-the-fly span and settings. This is similar to the previous shorthand, but has been simplified to remove mixin-related features.
    • starting with a count, length, or column-list "span"
    • at $n, first, or last location on asymmetrical grids
    • narrow, wide, or wider for spread
    • of $n <spread> for available grid columns and container-spread
    • set-gutters $n shorthand to override global gutter settings
  • NEW: susy-repeat() function to generate repeating gradients with the same syntax provided in CSS Grid templates
  • NEW: SVG Grid plugin (susy/plugins/svg-grid), to provide grid-debugging options when applied as a background image to any container element:
    • svg-grid-colors global setting accepts one or more colors
    • susy-svg-grid() function returns inline svg for use in the background or generated content properties
  • NEW: susy-compile() and su-call() plugin helpers, to aide with conversions between the user API and internal math functions. This is primarily useful for anyone building Susy extensions or mixins.
  • NEW: prefixed and unprefixed versions of all major API functions.
  • NEW: susy-version() function for accessing the active version number.