Sass typography Accoutrement by OddBird. Gather all your fonts into a single map, access them by name, and easily import the webfonts. Also includes helpers for accessibility and pseudo-elements.

Quick Start

npm install accoutrement-type

Import the library:

@import 'path/to/accoutrement-type/type';

Configure your font settings:

$font-formats: 'woff' 'ttf'; // Define what webfont formats need importing
$font-path: '../fonts/'; // Set the a path to your fonts directory

$fonts: (
  'heading': ( // give your font a semantic name for reference
    'name': 'maven', // optionally set a different font name
    'stack': ('helvetica', 'arial', sans-serif), // define the stack
    'normal': 'maven/maven_pro_regular-webfont', // point to any webfont files
    'bold': 'maven/maven_pro_bold-webfont',

  'body': (
    'name': 'exo',
    'stack': ('helvetica', 'arial', sans-serif),
    'normal': false, // set variant paths to false when using font CDNs...
    'italic': false, // ...if you still want to document available styles
    'bold': false,
    'bold' 'italic': false,

  'alias': 'body', // create aliases when useful

Import one font at a time with font-face() or all your webfonts ar once with import-webfonts():

// Import one font by configuration key, with custom formats
@include font-face('body', 'otf' 'svg');

// Import all defined fonts, using the same formats
@include import-webfonts;

And set your font-family anywhere, using the semantic names you set earlier:

html {
  @include font-family('body');

h1, h2, h3 {
  @include font-family('heading');


2.1.0 — 2016.12.09

  • Document $font properties
  • Add false option for font-variants, to allow documentation without triggering imports
  • Test remaining mixins: font-face, import-webfonts, and _import-font-face